Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Has It Really Been Over A Month?

Sorry about that.

Here are some random pictures I took in June.

June 5. I was playing with the zoom on my camera. I got a couple of nice ones.

I think my dog is pretty. Even when he's licking his nose.
They LOVE this sandbox and spend hours at a time out here.
June 9. The annual strawberry picking day this year. Lots of fun! But I guess you've already seen that.
June 12. "Belle's" graduation party. My Granny came in town to help celebrate.

June 13. Sarah's dedication at church. I took the opportunity of getting a "four generation" photo.
My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Chris were also here for all the festivities!
June 16. Our traveling friends from Kansas City came through again. And the girls played (what else?) dress up!
It's a good thing I cropped this picture in, otherwise you would have seen the dress-up explosion all over the floor.
June 17. It rained and the girls had fun splashing around in the puddles.
June 21. Father's Day and so Daddy took a little nap.
June 24. Abby invited her friends Krista and Dylan over for dinner. We had lots of laughs! The after-dinner tea party was a hit, too.

June 28. Sittin' on the back porch.
That was June. Next up, July! I know you just can't wait!