Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Sincerest Apologies

In the last TWO months, I did not think that neglecting this blog would cause people (family members in particular) to wonder about my physical or mental health. I am so sorry. Really. I just got caught up in life and reading other people's blogs and stopped posting. (I also started training to run a 10K at the end of March but that's ANOTHER post.) And then I got overwhelmed at the thought of "catching up" on all the pictures and events that have happend over the past several weeks.

Well, if you want to see pictures of Christmas and snow and Chinese New Year, stay tuned. I'll give up reading other bloggy news (kinda like Lent) and get caught up.

We got the girls new pajamas for Christmas and so we let them open that one present on Christmas eve.
Then we went over to Hantie's house to spend some time with extended family. Some of the cousins watched a movie.
Sarah and Christopher
My sister, Rachel (holding her rockin' new camera) and Nathan with a little Hannah thrown in for good measure.
Christmas morning... Stockings!
Sarah figured out how to unwrap presents pretty fast.

I got Billy a neft dart gun. He was so surprised! I've never gotten him a toy before. He LOVED it! Score!
Abby got a new scooter! (and my camera was out of focus)
Princess Sarah. Love that belly sticking out.
Matching outfits! I love it that Abby wants to match her sister. I'll take it for as long as I can. I know it won't last forever.
Christmas dinner was back at Hantie's. Here are the girl cousins (minus Hannah).
All the cousins together (except Woody). My Mom and Dad have quite a brood!

Coming up next: The day after Christmas, we left for Texas to visit Billy's family.