Monday, December 31, 2007

My Favorite Photos of 2007

Happy New Year!
And Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Abby's first dollhouse

Ironing the baby blankets

It takes lots of concentration to open gifts the right way!

There's one more present under here!

It's clothes!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Four Tickets To Christmas

Last fall, I saw an advertisement for auditions for a Christmas play. I thought it might be fun, so I went. Then, I convinced Billy to audition as well. A couple weeks later, we learned that we were to play the main couple, Henry and Lucille. My sister, her husband, and their son also got parts in the play.

The play was called "Four Tickets to Christmas." A brief synopsis of the play:
This dramatic musical grows out of a captivating story set in 1905. When a touring musical family finds no place to go for Christmas, they return to their grandparents' farm in northern Ohio. There they are forced to deal with longstanding conflicts. In the process they learn the importance of following God's unique direction for their lives. New songs and familiar carols are woven together with a turn-of-the-century flavor appropriate for the era.

We had a couple of months of practices and our performances were on December 14 and 15. It was fun to do something different and meet new people. Some of these pictures are small. If you click on them, you can enlarge them.

Henry and the Chorus

The Lamplighter Trio

Singing the title song

In the barn, "practicing"

Luke, the farm hand, singing to "Mary and Baby Jesus" played by Abby!

Our own little "Mary"

The whole cast

There is already talk of doing it again next year, with a bigger chorus and more stage sets. I'm glad I'll have several months off before doing it again!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This Just In!

Posted on the CCAA website:
"The CCAA has finished the review of the adoption application documents registered with our office before October 31, 2006. "

What does this mean? Our dossier has passed inspection and has not required any additional information! We are officially ready for adoption.

But, we still wait. The CCAA has referred through December 14, 2005 as of the beginning of December 2007. There are A LOT of LIDs between December 15 and October 9. 298 if my math is correct.

But since they're only getting a few days done at a time, it looks like our referral will be late 2009 or early 2010. That's a couple more years.

The good thing is, I'm not dwelling on it every day. Abby definitely keeps me busy. But every so often, she'll mention something she wants to do for her baby sister: feed her, play dolls with her, etc. At this rate, she'll be a huge help when the baby comes home. Maybe even change a few diapers.

God's timing is always perfect. I'm resting and trusting in His provision.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Happy Day Turned Tragic

After our snow fun and some lunch, Abby and I were in the living room decorating the Christmas tree. I had it pulled out from the wall so I could get the lights all the way around the tree. Abby was behind the tree looking out the window and twirling (in her new Snow White dress), when I heard her fall and then start to cry. And then I saw the blood.

Oh, no! I hoped it wasn't her teeth again. I took her to the kitchen to get a better look. The wailing was in full force now. Billy came down the stairs (he was working from home because of the snow) and got a good look at all the blood and determined her top tooth had pierced her bottom lip from the inside out. Ouch! The crying was reaching epic proportions.

We quickly got ready to visit the ER. On the way, Abby fell asleep (it was only a ten minute drive). Yes, it's good to know she can sleep through her pain. Aunt Kathy would be proud! It was, after all, past her nap time and she was worn out from the trauma.

She stayed asleep when we took her out of the car, as we gave her information to the receptionist, through the long wait in the WAITING room, and through the initial exam by the intern doctor. At one point, one of the nurses thought she might have a concusion because she was so out. But, that was not the case. She even slept through what felt like a tornado coming towards the hospital but we figured out later must have been a helicopter taking off above the ER.

She finally woke up about 2 hours later (normal nap time) when the doctor was exaiming her and saying that the outside of her lip would only need to be glued and the inside would heal nicely on its own.

Then came Abby's favorite part. And the part that she tells everyone who asks her about the ordeal. "The doctor says I have to have popsicles and jello to eat!" Yeah! What a happy ending!

Here she is all ready for school the next day.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

First Snow

On Wednesday, Dec 5, we got our first snow accumulation of the season. What fun! Abby wanted to immediately go out and play.

I kept warm by shoveling the entire driveway and sidewalk, but it was a bit premature. It was covered again in one hour. Oh, well. It was good excericise.

As you can see, she still fits in last year's snow gear, but it is getting a little small on her. I guess we'll be hitting the after Christmas sales or when they start putting out the spring line in January!

Party Time

Ok, so it's been a little while since I've posted anything so I thought I'd catch up on some events...

We had Abby's birthday party on December 2. Abby loved the party, of course, but was very serious about opening her presents. We had to ask her to smile for the pictures. So what we got was CHEESE!

Some of her party guests!

Nana got her a Snow White dress - her favorite gift. She wore it everyday for a week and has worn it every other day (at least) since.

A Cinderella doll. Abby asked me, "Is it real?" How am I supposed to answer that?

Her birthday party table. She had set the table with plates, cups, etc. the day before. More and more like her mama everyday. :)

Cleaning up after the party with her new vacuum. (No, it doesn't actually pick up anything - but she loves working with Mommy!)