Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My Mommy is far away on her birthday this year.  I wish we could celebrate together, but I know she’s having a marvelous time where she is… a dream come true.

Taken right before they left townmom and dad 1

Love and miss you, Mom!mom and dad 2

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebrating Diversity on MLKJr Day

Yippee!  A planned day off from school.  We got together with some friends to go sledding.  Not just any friends… our international adoption play group.

Disclaimer:  my camera REALLY had a hard time with the bright sun and uber white snow and sky.

When we first got there, Sarah tried out the red sled by herself and went FLYING down the hill.  She almost made it to the trees at the bottom.  (no real danger)  She had gone sledding with her Daddy a few days prior and was comfortable doing it alone.  Well, now the snow was packed and FAST.  She was not ready for that.  She didn’t fall or crash, she just didn’t want to go solo again.  For the rest of the morning, she went down on her belly without a sled or with someone else.

Ready for some down-hill action(Lauren, Angela, Sarah and Abby).sledding girls

Maya maya


The bobsled teamfour going down

“White Mamas”2 gena and me2 stac and heidi

Sarah needs help getting back up the hill.  At one point she was at the bottom of the hill and none of the mamas were down there.  She convinced a teenaged boy to carry her back up.  She had never met him in her life.  Too up the hill


The cushy ride (the one I took down the hill most often!)maya and abby

More help coming back up the hillmore help up the hill

Gena and her daughter Angelagena and angela

The girls all had a blast and were not ready to quit, but we coaxed them with hot chocolate and play-time at our house.  Fun times.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time for Bed

Survey of the damage of Sarah’s independent play time.  Not too bad.

Reading before bed

Don’t take my picture, Mamma!

All tucked in with her favorite “may-may” – that’s how she pronounces “baby.”

Ready for a long winter nap.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Random Phone Pics

I got a new phone on my birthday and they did not transfer all my pics to my new phone.  Bummer!  But I found a way to download them to my computer.  The quality is not that great but they are fun anyway.  Here are a few random shots from the past year (in no particular order).  Hover over each picture for my caption.

between costumes asleep in the car guitar or violin? jumpin' in style olives! baby D my phone wallpaper for a while costume at TJMaxx bug eyes fairy wings a la Buzz LightYear the year of losing teeth whip cream at Sheri's Kitty! BIG hoops Library Time even the dog gets dressed up sometimes