Thursday, January 26, 2012

A few snapshots of coming home

The trip home – it wasn’t pretty.  24 hours of pure adrenaline and nervousness and now I’m paying for it.  Just thankful that it’s over!

A happy reunion at Baggage Claim in which no baggage actually showed up.happy

A tired Daddy who can’t hold his eyes open.Billy sleep

Meeting the Doggie – no problems

Fun gifts from Mommy and Daddy when the baggage finally does show up.girls

Meeting a cousin who will one day be your very best buddy.judah

Learning how to share toys with siblings – a hard lesson for anybody.sulking

He’s only been home a few days and already has broken a window (cracked it, really) and one of the doll chairs.  He is all BOY!broken

Finding his “happy place” – the furnace vent.heater

And his favorite toy – an empty Huggies box.  He pushes that thing all over the place. And yes, he likes to step out of his pants at every opportunity.step out

Bed time is fun, too.  As long as it’s the sister’s bedtime and not his!all together

All in all, it’s been going good.  He’s eating good and sleeping good and likes his toys.  Everyday we become more and more of a family to him and that’s what it’s all about.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last Day

After breakfast, I started packing. I should have taken a “before” picture of all our stuff around the room.  It was a mess.  Sarah saw it on Skype and said, “Mama, you need to clean your room!”  This is after one suitcase was already packed and another one partially done.packing

Tommy had elevensies.elevensies

Then tried to amuse himself.those are fleece lined pants - not extra rolls of fat5

There, all done but what we have on and the bathroom stuff.Billy broke down and bought a stroller for the trip home

After another walk around the island, picking up to-go at Lucy’s and a good nap, we had dinner with the group at the hotel restaurant.  Zhou ordered for with head and tail!  yummy

Then it was bath time. bath

Now Tommy is sleeping and we’ll be getting up in a few hours to load the van for Hong Kong.  I know everyone has been praying for us because this trip has gone very smooth for us.  Only one more hurdle to go – the airport and 15 hour plane ride.  Then we get to hug our girlies!!!

Signing off from China.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It’s almost over!

Today was the all important Consulate visit.  Our appointment was at 10am.  We got there a little early with all our paperwork handed to us by Zhou as we went through the door.  We all took an oath that all our paperwork was correct to the best of our knowledge.  Then we went individually to the window to have our paperwork looked over.  Billy had to sign one thing and then we were done. We were out of there by 10:30 and the rest of the group was not far behind.  Zhou will pick up the brown envelope and Tommy’s passport with the US visa tomorrow and then Friday morning… we fly home!

After the appointment, we went to Lucy’s for lunch.  Tommy loves lunch! at lucy'scutie pie

And then we did our photo shoot “take 2” from the other day.  This one turned out pretty good. photo shoot take 2

The group met up again and we went to the Guangzhou Zoo.  Tommy was fascinated with this playful tiger.tiger boy

The stroller brigade minus one little girl.checking out the elephant

Checking things out.watching the animals

They had a wide variety of animals at this zoo, but of course the most popular is China’s own Panda Bear.7 panda

After the zoo, we had junk-food dinner from the 7-11 around the corner.  Of course, Tommy had his chicken congee.  He doesn’t seem to be as desperate to get food as he was when we first got him.  He has slowed down some and doesn’t always eat a ton at each meal.  I guess he knows now that he will be getting food again… and again…. and again.

Tomorrow is packing and a final group dinner.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunday and Monday in Guangzhou

So, while we’re waiting for Wednesday and our US Consulate appointment, we did a little site-seeing around town.  And although Tommy shows much *enthusiasm* for our outings, we know he does like to get out of the room for a while.

On Sunday, we went to a local museum – the same one we’ve been to two other times here in this city.  This time, we did a tea party and I did some shopping.

tea party tommy is happy to be hereit's the year of the dragon and there were several on displaymom, can we go now?happy family - look at that rain!

Later that day, Billy went to an electronic market and bought some stuff for his iPod.  Then that evening, we had dinner and a foot massage – kinda like dinner and a show, only better.

On Monday, the outing was in the afternoon after nap time.he is so adorable when he's sleeping!

We went to a local market where they sell all sorts of creepy looking things and also pets.dried sea horsespainted gourds - ok, these weren't creepydried stretched out lizards - ew.snake skins9 market

The market led out to a mall area with lots of stores.  There is also one building that has only jade stores and one building with only pearl stores.  Oh, yeah and there were lots of people shopping.huddled masses yearning to breathe free - only they don't know it.Tommy is thrilled to be here.what Mama was doing while the other mamas were buying pearlswe were quite the spectacle with random strangers stopping to take our pictures.  I'm sure I'm on someone's chinese facebook

Today, Tuesday, we went to Tommy’s orphanage, but that will have to have it’s own post.  Maybe even after I get home.  There is a lot to process on that one.

Tomorrow is our all-important appointment at the Consulate!  Only two more days, and we’re coming home!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


This is what it’s like trying to get a good picture of Tommy outside of our hotel room.  We were trying to get a good picture of him in the same place we got a really good shot of the girls in 2009.  I guess we needed our excellent camera woman with us.


Hey, at least he’s looking at the camera in this one.