Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still trying to figure this thing out.

Today was a day of epic meltdowns.  I guess it was time.

Breakfast did not come soon enough – lots of tears.

Frustration with being in the hotel room too much – major tears and wailing.

Time for a nap – screaming and tears.

Time for bed – yep, again.

But there were good times too.  Tommy is so chatty after he has his belly full.  He will shake his head and laugh and have a good time.

We were able to distract him with a stroller ride around the island after the first meltdown and he eventually fell asleep for his nap and bedtime.there are a lot of these statues around the islanddistracted, but not quite happy about itsuch a pretty place to be

He is content to go riding in the van to our different appointments.  I remember Sarah would cry every time we got in a vehicle.  And today at the passport appointment, Tommy let me hold him and walk him around without throwing a fit.  He even did well in a grocery store.his favorite cabinet to open and close and open and the passport office before we were told not to take any pictures.  oops.  I think they need a bigger sign.

We had a good time at dinner, as well, and he tried cake and liked it and also ketchup – as long as it was delivered with a spoon or fork.  such a cutie!!

But his world has changed and he’s still trying to figure everything out.  We want him to know that we’re here for him through the good and the bad.I love my boy!


Liesl Ross said...

I'm sure in no time he'll recognize the love he's now wrapped up in. You guys are the best!

Sarah said...

Momma said there'd be days like this... I've found that the first days with a new baby are always the hardest; it sounds like that's true for you as well. We'll keep praying for all of you!

Anonymous said...

I've had meltdowns each time with new babies too. Bless you. Praying for a good transition and it sounds like you have a great perspective. I have shared your blog with my friend who is in the process of adopting a little boy with Down Syndrome this summer. Much love to you all! Cassandra

Rachel said...

But he's SOOO CUTE! Goodness gracious! He'll adjust soon.

Anonymous said...

Word of the day at Bible study this am....Envy! Ironic??? Not when it comes to adoption stories! We all are loving this adoption story and are full of envy because we all know how much more wonderful things get as time goes by!!!! We prayed for you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Eli said he wants to play play-dough with Tommy when he comes home. Won't that be a glorious mess?!? Tommy is so adorable... we love looking at the photos. We'll keep praying for you:)

Funny story? Eli was sitting behind a bald man at Travis' basket ball game. He said,"His hair fell out!" Daddy promptly moved him to the other side of him
and hoped the fella didn't hear it.

Gena said...

Tommy is adorable! I am glad that he is expressing his frustrations. The good times definately outweigh the bad! I am so happy is letting YOU hold him. You needed one to "like" you. : )
Lucas can't wait to play with Tommy and I can't wait to see you my dear friend!! Praying for ya!

stacy said...

He is sooo adorable! I love all the are radiant with joy :) I am so glad things seem to be going so will be home in no time...miss you!