Thursday, January 12, 2012

Typical Day–Thursday

from Karen: Linda sends me the posts and then I post it on blogger.  She cannot see these posts or her facebook messages until they return in another week.  She CAN however read comments since they are sent to her email.  She would LOVE to hear from all of you if you read these. Smile Thanks

Sorry this is late today.  We laid down with Tommy so he would go to sleep and we did too.  Guess we needed it.  It’s almost time for him to get up so this will be short on descriptions.

This is what he looks like in the mornings.  So adorable.sleeping beauty

We got the medical exam out of the way.  Most of the Americans will show up this evening (Friday) and then all converge on this place Saturday morning – including the rest of the group from our agency.  So glad it’s over. medical

Then we went to Starbucks and sipped real coffee while feeding him some baby food and rice cereal.  No, they don’t sell that stuff there, we brought it in.starbucks

I bought a silly hat and he’s back at the door opening and closing…hat

After nap time, we walked around and ended up at Lucy’s where he put away a bowl of congee, a bowl of scrambled eggs and some broccoli off my plate.  This is what he looks like when he’s full. full

Then back to the hotel room to play some before

We think he’s a keeper! laugh

He ate some more rice cereal before bed while we were skyping with the girls.

Today we’re going site-seeing (AT LAST!).


D Rhoad said...

Have enjoyed all the beautiful pictures of Tommy. He truly is a keeper and I'm sure a blessing to you all. Revisited flat Panda today - a lot of memories. Safe travels!

Rachel said...

Oh goodness! I could take that spoon and just eat him up! Love the picture of him full. He's so stinkin cute!!!!!!

gena said...

Love that Keeper photo! What a great smile. I am glad that you are doing well. My girls are looking forward to spending the evening with Abby and Sarah tomorrow night! They have a little countdown going on! Take Care of yourselves! Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

We have loved your blogs, especially about Tommy. We are amazed that you have time to do all of them! We are amazed that he has taken to you both so fast, that is wonderful! He is such a handsome boy!

Mom and Dad Hart

Sarah said...

I feel like a broken record: he is so cute and such a keeper, for sure! I'm sure you're missing your girls, but how great that you get to have this special bonding time just with Tommy! Congrats again. We are so happy he's part of your family!

Tracy D said...

we enjoy all the updates... feels like we've met him too. love the smiles...seems to be adjusting great. looks like you'll need lots of congee for the plane ride ;)

Anonymous said...

Love reading all your posts. He is precious. It's so sweet to see him looking at you smiling. I think your grocery budget is going to go up quite a bit! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon !

Anonymous said...

Every time i read your blogs and see the pictures of Tommy and his happy face, I weep with joy---God is sooooo Good!!! Love you and miss you, Mom & Dad