Saturday, August 06, 2011

Goofy Golf with the Family

Tonight, we took a little family outing to play some mini-golf.  This was Sarah’s first time, and Abby didn’t remember the last time she played.

Abby concentrated hard on the task at hand. mini golf abby first

Under Daddy’s watchful eye, Sarah shows some promising grip golf sarah

Daddy having golf dadmini golf castle

Mommy shows some concentration as golf mom

Lots of help!mini golf helpers

mini golf abby

Remember the old ABC Wide World of Sports?? 

The Thrill of Victory!!!mini golf victory

The Agony of Defeat!!mini golf defeat

She only had one melt down.  This hole was particularly challenging.  But for the most part, Sarah cheered every. single. time. she “scooted” the ball in the hole.  Too much fun!

Mini-Golf JOY!

mini golf pose

Monday, August 01, 2011


Everyone who knows my girls, know that they are opposite in several areas. 

One is cautious, the other is a dare-devil. 

One loves rollercoasters, one does not. 

One is an introvert, the other is extrovert. 

One is flight, the other is fight. 

One loves chocolate, candy, ice cream, the other loves vegetables and fruit.

One loves spending hours reading a good book, the other is non-stop energy from wake-up to sleep.

One is poise, the other is personality!

But they love each other and, for the most part, get along really well together.  I love them BOTH and enjoy what they each bring to the family.

opposite 1opposite and mr b

I wonder what Tommy will be like.