Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Does Sarah Do All Day?

Sarah loves to play with her big sister Abby. But Abby is in school three days a week. So what does sweet Sarah do while her big sister is gone? (Besides getting into her tea set.)

She likes to take care of her dolls. Even if they need medical attention.
She likes to dress up and wear her sunglasses.
She likes to read books while I'm in the office.
But only if she can wear her pretty dress-up shoes!
Sometimes, helping Mommy is dangerous. I accidentally closed the dryer door and caught her finger. :( so sad!!!
Getting a head start on Kindergarten skills: scissors!
So much fun!!!
She definitely stays busy!!! And, much to my disappointment, has begun to give up her nap. When I do put her down, she will play in her bed for a while and not fall asleep. But if she does sleep, she won't sleep at bedtime. I would rather have her sleep at night, so most days, I don't even put her in the crib for the nap. My baby is growing up!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday Party Pics

Last Saturday, we had Sarah's birthday party - just family and a couple of friends.

Joey and Sarah had a little pre-party jam session with Sarah's Christmas guitar. The video didn't turn out quite like I wanted but let's just say it was entertaining: somersaults included!
Here's the cake from Grandmother's cake shop! Yummy!
The birthday-present-opening chair. She didn't stay there for long.
Unlike Abby who sat in that same chair for her third birthday and opened all her gifts, Sarah stayed there for two minutes (maybe). She had to get up to get better ripping action.
And to try out all her gifts (new brush from Abby).
If you hold onto the paper and shake it violently, the present pops out!
Hantie got her a new grocery cart.
I'm the Birthday Girl!!
Tomorrow, I'll upload the video of her present opening technique. Too fun.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tea Party

One day, when Abby was at school, Sarah was in another room playing while I was hard at work reading blogs. After a while, I noticed that I hadn't heard any noises for a while so I went to check on her.

I peeked downstairs into the playroom and this is what I saw:
This is Abby's glass tea set that she has not allowed Sarah to play with.
Sarah had climbed to the top shelf and gotten the basket down and then proceeded to set everything up. She was so careful to line them all up.
Mmmm. Yummy tea.
She was so proud of her accomplishment.
Love those pudgy little hands.
Sarah has her moments of "demo derby" but thankfully this was not one of them. She was very careful and quiet. So I let her play for a while. She does love a good tea party!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Baby

Today is Sarah's birthday. She has come so far in just a year's time. It's so amazing to think that a little over a year ago, she had trouble walking and was a very cautious baby.

Now she is a confident, highly social, happy, energetic, loving, and adorable three-year-old. How I love her so!

Stay tuned this week on the blog. It is Sarah's Birthday Week and I'll be featuring her latest in fashion and mischief. Should be lots of fun.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chinese New Year - Take Two

On Sunday, February 14, we invited our family over to celebrate CNY together as well as the one-year anniversary of Sarah joining our family.

There was much cooking involved. We wrapped dumplings opened boxes of frozen egg rolls.
We made stir fry and fried rice.
We ordered the noodles again and the kids enjoyed slurping them up.
Sarah is getting better and better with slurping. She does love the noodles!
We also gave out the traditional Red Envelopes with money in them to the kids.

Now that I'm doing this post almost a month later, I realize it would have been nice to get a family picture on that day. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Chinese New Year - Take One

This year the Lunar New Year fell on February 14.

Abby has been studying different countries in her Social Studies book. It happened that her study of China coincided with the new year. I volunteered to come to her class and talk about China and the customs, etc. We brought things that we bought in China, books about CNY, and even a DVD that teaches Mandarin Chinese.

We made a craft of a paper lantern.
Boys LOVE to do crafts!
Sarah got to come and join in on the fun.
Abby's friend, Megan, tried on the costume we brought.
At lunch, we ordered in Chinese food: noodles, dumplings and fried rice. The kids tried everything and even ate with chopsticks.
Slurping noodles
A great class memory was made.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


You know... instead of "February." It was the month of tons of white stuff falling from the sky!

The dogs didn't seem to mind at all.
They like to lay in the snow and roll around in it. They don't care if it's snowing and blowing. Crazy dogs!
The night of February 5 was our first BIG snow. It was several inches but the wind made some of the drifts even higher. Sarah was unsure of the deep snow.
Daddy is showing her how to make a snow angel.
After shoveling a bit, the play slide is almost covered up.
Sarah appreciates when her neighbors clear the sidewalks. Abby prefers to trek through the their yards.
A few days later, we got several more inches. The cousins came over to play. Micah made a tunnel by the play slide.
Sarah is having more fun in the snow now.
Abby still loves the snow!

Sledding is also lots of fun and we went several times this past month.
Having a cousin help you carry the sled up the hill is always nice.
Because of the cold, that first snow never completely went away. It just served as a base for the continuing snow showers throughout the month. Last Sunday (the last day of February) Timmy came over and helped the girls build snowmen in the back yard. It was the perfect consistency.
The first one - he's tall, like Daddy.
Ta Da!
They continued to make more. I took these from the upstairs window.
Looks like it's going to be another big one.
A little one, like Abby.
A little family of snow people.
The next day, one had already fallen. And later in the day the other big one fell as well.
Dear Snow,

Thank you for coming to play in February. You provided lots of fun and good times. And it was pretty to watch you fall from the sky. However, I did not enjoy shoveling you out of the driveway multiple times. But it did provide some strength training and, on occasion, a little cardio.

But now, it's March. And I would like for you to melt and go away, please. Thank you.