Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Does Sarah Do All Day?

Sarah loves to play with her big sister Abby. But Abby is in school three days a week. So what does sweet Sarah do while her big sister is gone? (Besides getting into her tea set.)

She likes to take care of her dolls. Even if they need medical attention.
She likes to dress up and wear her sunglasses.
She likes to read books while I'm in the office.
But only if she can wear her pretty dress-up shoes!
Sometimes, helping Mommy is dangerous. I accidentally closed the dryer door and caught her finger. :( so sad!!!
Getting a head start on Kindergarten skills: scissors!
So much fun!!!
She definitely stays busy!!! And, much to my disappointment, has begun to give up her nap. When I do put her down, she will play in her bed for a while and not fall asleep. But if she does sleep, she won't sleep at bedtime. I would rather have her sleep at night, so most days, I don't even put her in the crib for the nap. My baby is growing up!!

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Rachel said...

wow, that didn't take long!