Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Maryland Trip

We got back from Texas on January 1 and on January 7, my sister, Sarah and I packed up our car and headed to Maryland by way of Grandmother's house in West Virginia.

We were supposed to leave on Friday morning, but Karen heard the weather report of a big snow storm coming so we left on Thursday afternoon hoping to get in front of it. Unfortunately, we did not and traveled in snow the entire way to WV. It wasn't too bad until it got dark and the snow started accumulating on the roads. What should have taken us four hours ended up taking us six. It was quite scary trying to make it up some of those WV hills in the little Honda. We couldn't see the road in some places. Thankfully we made it without getting stuck somewhere on the side of the road.

We spent the night at Grandmother's house and then set out for Maryland on Friday morning. It had stopped snowing and the roads were starting to clear up. We found out what a good little traveler Sarah is. All six hours on Thursday night, she sat in the car seat and played and sang. And then on Friday, she did it again. What a trooper.

On the way over the mountains from WV to MD, it was COLD!!! At one stop, we saw this.
The reason for this grand adventure in snow driving was that my brother was being ordained as a minister at his church. He had quite the prayer covering with all of the family being able to come for the service.
We took the opportunity to take a family picture since we were all dressed up in our "Sunday Clothes."
Karen and Aunt Linda
Abby playing with cousin Christopher.
Life long friends, my mom and Maggie.
Me and my brother.
Posing with Grandmother
It reminds me of another picture we took in 2005 with Abby.
Sarah was playing video games with the cousins and friends gathered at Uncle Michael's house. Her controller was not plugged in, but you could not tell as she was jumping up and down and really getting into it.
Relaxing after the house full of people went home.
My brother is so silly!
We were supposed to leave the next morning (Monday) to drive home, but Aunt Linda's van broke down. So we ended up staying another day.

It was good to visit with family but, Wow, was I ever glad to get home. That trip wore me out!

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Karen said...

"Sarah" playing with cousin Christopher :) you put Abby.

great pics. Memorable times.