Tuesday, March 31, 2009

China Day at Pre-School

When we announced that we were going to China to adopt Sarah, we talked with Abby's teachers about doing the Flat Panda blog to show the other children in the class more about China. Her teachers loved the idea and even went a step further in doing a small unit studying China. They had a map of China on the wall and talked about Chinese culture and history while we were gone. Then, when we got back, they had scheduled a "China Day" to celebrate. I got to go with Abby on China Day and we shared with the class about our trip and showed them some of the things we bought while we were there. The class made Chinese yo-yos and a dragon. During snack time, they served rice and noodles. All the kids seemed to like the food. I also brought the Panda Bear cakes from the shower. The kids really liked that! The black icing turned their teeth and lips black. Oops. Then, we had a dragon dance with the dragon heads that the teachers made. The children snaked around the room. Here's her whole class. Later, they invited the Three-Year-Old class to come join them to see the end of the dragon dance. Here is Abby's friend, Mia. She is in the Three's class. One of the teachers had brought in a Chinese language CD. She played the song "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes." During the intro, the voice was speaking Chinese and Abby told one of her friends, "I understand it perfectly."

It was so nice to be able to share this adventure with Abby's friends. I know Abby thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunny Day

After a long, gray winter, a sunny day with a little warmth is a welcome change. We recently took advantage of such a day and played with some sidewalk chalk.

I think there was more on her bottom than on the patio.
I love these cute little hands. She tries to hold so many things at one time.
Abby was concentrating on peeling the bark off this limb.
Cute little hair clip.
A rare, non-smile from Abby.
Here's hoping there are more warm days soon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Since I have been so behind in posting pictures and up-dating on what we've been doing, I wrote out a bunch today and they will be auto-posting the rest of the week; one per day. Hope you enjoy!

Party Time

A couple of weeks ago, my sister, my mom and some friends had a shower for me and a birthday party for Sarah. My Aunt Linda, or Grandmother as she is affectionately called, came in and brought some cute Panda Bear cakes. Sarah wasn't too sure about having her picture taken while sitting on the table.
Cousin "Belle" had brought some silk outfits home from China for her brothers. They wore them to the party. The red and black outfit on the girls is something Abby picked out while we were in Guangzhou. I think they all look cute together.
Here are two of my fellow adoptive moms. Stacy said she was a little high from the pain meds she was taking for the bowling accident injury.
Sarah still loves spending time with cousin "Belle."
Sarah had fun helping to open the gifts.
She had a different reaction to this little stuffed animal. I think she has transferred her dislike of the dogs to anything furry.
Ahh, a book. That's much safer.
Daddy sure did like this little hat. So cute! :)
My friend, Tina took this picture and I swiped it off her blog. Thanks, Tina!
It was such a blessing to be able to celebrate with our family and friends the arrival of our sweet Sarah into our family. Happy Birthday, Baby!! We hope to celebrate many, many more with you.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bowling, Unfortunately Not For Dollars

Sorry if you don't get that reference in the title. It was a show in the 70s (80s?) that I watched at my Grandparents home: Bowling for Dollars. Quality television. But probably better than the other shows we were watching later that night (shhh. don't tell mom.): Dallas and Falcon Crest. I am sure that I didn't understand even half of what was on them. Thankfully.

Now on to the real reason of the post. Sheesh.

Several weeks ago, the girls and I got together with our international play friends and went bowling. Loads of fun watching four and five year-olds try to get the ball down the lane. Good thing the lanes are slippery.

Or maybe not.

My friend, Stacy went after a ball that her daughter threw into another lane. She went a few feet and slipped and fell. Her daughter was coming up behind her and she slipped at almost the same time. It was SUPER funny to watch. And I wasn't the only one laughing. But, after the morning I had, I needed a good laugh.

However, I was not laughing later that evening when Stacy told me she had her wrist x-rayed and it was fractured. Man! That's awful. Who knew four-year-old bowling was so dangerous?

Anyway, the girls had fun and the moms got to laugh and de-stress, which was the point.

Abby was super goofy about me taking her picture that day. Several times, she turned her head as I was taking the picture.
These balls were so cute! And only five pounds. Easy to pick up but not enough weight to really carry them down the lane. It took FOREVER for them to make it to the end and then it would only knock down one or two pins.
They all lined up on the ball return thingy. Love the shoes!
I think she learned this technique in ballet class.
The owner posed with the girls. We were the only ones there that afternoon. It was nice to have the place to ourselves.
I think for our next outing, it should be a place with padding on the walls and on the floor, especially!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Super Cuteness

These pictures were taken on March 10. That's how far behind I am in updating this here blog! I guess we've had a few things going on. I hope to "catch up" by posting a few more pics in the next few days. We'll see how it goes. For now, enjoy the cuteness.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Juice and Jammies

Subtitled: Trying to get a picture of my girls together.

Abby, stand by your sister and let me take your picture. No, she doesn't like you to hold on to her.
Try sitting on your stool. Well, I'd rather see your faces instead of the juice cups.
Sarah, look here, sweetie.
Nice posing Abby! Sarah, take that juice cup out of your mouth.
Another great pose, Abby! Thank you.
Yeah!! You're both looking at me. Now smile!! No, Abby we don't want to see your tongue.
Here, Mama, wanna see my juice cup??
Take my picture, Mama!
Wow, this is harder than I had originally thought!
I love those eyes!
Where did they go? Beautiful smile, Abby!
Better luck next time!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pre-School Musical

Last Tuesday evening was Abby's Pre-School Open House and Art Extravaganza. She was as excited for this year as she was for last year's. And she even wore the same dress. She just asked me how it still fits her.

When we were getting ready to go, she put on her fancy dress and I was doing her hair. The conversation went like this:

A: Are you going to wear that?
M: Yes, do you have a problem with that?
A: No, you can wear anything you want.

Granted, I was wearing my yoga pants and a sweatshirt, but I did have my nicer shoes on. Doesn't that count for something? She's five and she's concerned what her Mother is wearing to an event. I have so much to look forward to!

This year, the teachers put the students in somewhat of height order, so she was standing in front. I was sitting quite a ways back, so the pictures are a little blurry.
They sang a few songs together. Some of them louder than others.

At the end, they all pose for their parents to take pictures.
Here is Abby with her teacher, Mrs. Rhoad.
And Mrs. Young.
To see how much Abby has grown since last year, click here.