Friday, March 27, 2009

Bowling, Unfortunately Not For Dollars

Sorry if you don't get that reference in the title. It was a show in the 70s (80s?) that I watched at my Grandparents home: Bowling for Dollars. Quality television. But probably better than the other shows we were watching later that night (shhh. don't tell mom.): Dallas and Falcon Crest. I am sure that I didn't understand even half of what was on them. Thankfully.

Now on to the real reason of the post. Sheesh.

Several weeks ago, the girls and I got together with our international play friends and went bowling. Loads of fun watching four and five year-olds try to get the ball down the lane. Good thing the lanes are slippery.

Or maybe not.

My friend, Stacy went after a ball that her daughter threw into another lane. She went a few feet and slipped and fell. Her daughter was coming up behind her and she slipped at almost the same time. It was SUPER funny to watch. And I wasn't the only one laughing. But, after the morning I had, I needed a good laugh.

However, I was not laughing later that evening when Stacy told me she had her wrist x-rayed and it was fractured. Man! That's awful. Who knew four-year-old bowling was so dangerous?

Anyway, the girls had fun and the moms got to laugh and de-stress, which was the point.

Abby was super goofy about me taking her picture that day. Several times, she turned her head as I was taking the picture.
These balls were so cute! And only five pounds. Easy to pick up but not enough weight to really carry them down the lane. It took FOREVER for them to make it to the end and then it would only knock down one or two pins.
They all lined up on the ball return thingy. Love the shoes!
I think she learned this technique in ballet class.
The owner posed with the girls. We were the only ones there that afternoon. It was nice to have the place to ourselves.
I think for our next outing, it should be a place with padding on the walls and on the floor, especially!

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palmtreefanatic said...

how fun! love the shoes! and that ballet stance was super cool!