Monday, March 09, 2009

Juice and Jammies

Subtitled: Trying to get a picture of my girls together.

Abby, stand by your sister and let me take your picture. No, she doesn't like you to hold on to her.
Try sitting on your stool. Well, I'd rather see your faces instead of the juice cups.
Sarah, look here, sweetie.
Nice posing Abby! Sarah, take that juice cup out of your mouth.
Another great pose, Abby! Thank you.
Yeah!! You're both looking at me. Now smile!! No, Abby we don't want to see your tongue.
Here, Mama, wanna see my juice cup??
Take my picture, Mama!
Wow, this is harder than I had originally thought!
I love those eyes!
Where did they go? Beautiful smile, Abby!
Better luck next time!


Mama Lily said...

love the running commentary. :) funny--I completely understand. When my older ones were little, I had film--I never knew if I got a good shot or not. At least now you know to keep trying. :)

palmtreefanatic said...

I agreee with mama lilly! I have taken tons of wasted photos, as they never posed the way "I" wanted! These are so precious!

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

First, I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a long time and how I missed your travel is beyond me!! So, welcome home and congratulations on your new little girl!! I read thru the journey and loved all the commentary and photos. She is precious and looks like she is adjusting to her new life.

TanyaBee said...

LOVED this!!! Made me smile, needed that! Sarah's eyes are gorgeous, she is such a dolly! What beautiful girls! :) (Did I tell you Rachael has the same jammies??). Love the shot near the beginning where S's feet are crossed, SOOO cute!