Thursday, January 26, 2012

A few snapshots of coming home

The trip home – it wasn’t pretty.  24 hours of pure adrenaline and nervousness and now I’m paying for it.  Just thankful that it’s over!

A happy reunion at Baggage Claim in which no baggage actually showed up.happy

A tired Daddy who can’t hold his eyes open.Billy sleep

Meeting the Doggie – no problems

Fun gifts from Mommy and Daddy when the baggage finally does show up.girls

Meeting a cousin who will one day be your very best buddy.judah

Learning how to share toys with siblings – a hard lesson for anybody.sulking

He’s only been home a few days and already has broken a window (cracked it, really) and one of the doll chairs.  He is all BOY!broken

Finding his “happy place” – the furnace vent.heater

And his favorite toy – an empty Huggies box.  He pushes that thing all over the place. And yes, he likes to step out of his pants at every opportunity.step out

Bed time is fun, too.  As long as it’s the sister’s bedtime and not his!all together

All in all, it’s been going good.  He’s eating good and sleeping good and likes his toys.  Everyday we become more and more of a family to him and that’s what it’s all about.


Rachel said...

I'm sorry that I'm laughing SO hard right now. A window? I think Joshua was two before he cracked a window.

Donna Carpenter said...

He just looks so HAPPY with himself, too, which makes it extra funny. Too cute!

TD said...

love the pic with him and Karens littlest one... hope sarah is doing okay...this is such an adjustment for her too..losing that baby status and sharing = :(
glad ur home safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

So happy you are all finally together! Love you, Mom & Dad