Thursday, March 01, 2012

February Photos

February is now gone.   It was not an easy month.  I’m glad to see it go!

Coming back after an adoption trip is never easy:  trying to figure out how everything will work, trying to figure out a new person, etc.  But when you add in 4 cases of strep throat, one ear infection, rounds of antibiotics, sinus trouble and fevers of unknown origins, it tends to make things a little harder.

Little Miss Sunshine was a Little Cloudy that daywhat it looked like at our house for two weeks:  One of us was on that couch.

Nevertheless, there were some happy moments and here’s the photographic evidence.

The girls both had their parent observation day in ballet class.  Abby is progressing nicely in her fourth year.  Sarah just likes wearing the fairy wings!

abby dancesarah dance 1

Tommy took a few outings:  to the library and church.  He fit right in at both. (taken with my cell phone)

librarytaking a nap at church

Abby spent a lot of time reading.

abby readread too

Tommy likes books, too!

tommy read

We are putting him to work around here, too!

helping daddyhelping mommy

February would not be complete without making valentines!

valentineslove thisour new Mayor and his wife!new doDaddy's boy

Basically we had lots of togetherness!!  As any new family needs.

ready set gosarah mommy tommystairstepstogetherfamily

Here’s hoping March will be smoother.


Rachel said...

Lovely togetherness! Everyone looks like their doing well. Is it June yet?

#2 said...

Thanks for the post I love the pictures :)

palmtreefanatic said...

great pictures! looks like some great bonding:)