Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sarah is a Big Girl Now!

Several months ago, Abby talked to Sarah about getting her ears pierced when she was five (the post about it is here).  She warned Sarah about how it hurt and so Sarah decided not to get it done.

But last month, when we talked about her birthday coming up and how she was going to be five, Sarah said she was going to get her ears pierced.  We talked at length about it and she was determined to get it done.

Today was the big day.

The girls, Hantie and I went to the mall.  First we tried on some new dresses – and bought some.  Then Sarah walked into the shoe store and we walked out with new shoes for them.  Then we went to the ear piercing pagoda.  I filled out the paperwork and got ready while we waited for the second employee to come in to work.  With someone as young as Sarah, you have to get both ears pierced at the same time.

Ready to Go! she has no idea

Applying the purple tickles now, but just wait.

Waiting.she is so beautiful

Ready, Set, Go!hasn't sunk in yet

The brief second of shock after the fact.look at my face. what's up with that look?

Now the tears start up.what have I done?

And now we are in full melt-down.I'm not laughing at my daughters pain. really.

She won’t even look at the mirror.after4

Poor baby.  She held my neck so tight all the way back through the mall and into the parking lot.she cried and cried!

Finally, when we got to the car, she stopped crying.Not happy, Bob.  Not happy!

Next stop, McDonald’s (it was the closest place) for ICE CREAM!!  There’s that winning smile!ice cream!

She likes showing them off, now, but is still talking about the pain.  It was even hard for her to look at these pictures.  But I know the pain will wear off in a few days and she will love having them!  “Like Mama!  and Hammy (Abby)!”

I am proud of my big girl!  And just a little sad that she is getting so big so fast.


Billy said...

I am always telling the girls: "Beauty is pain!" I certainly could not do it. I am glad it was a girls only outing. I did not want to be there!

TanyaBee said...

LOVED this story in pictures----Linda's expressions were as priceless as Sarah's, HA! ;) I got my ear cartilage pierced in Columbus before I left OH, and YES it hurts! Poor Sarah. Sure looks PURDY though! :)

Rachel said...

Big girls and their ears. :) I love your face Linda. Aria doesn't talk about the pain. She just grins when you talk about her ears.