Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Big Girl Milestone

At Christmas, Billy and I bought Abby a gift card to get her ears pierced. She had gone back and forth between wanting them and NOT wanting the pain to get them. She had decided she wanted to do it and then she got four shots at the doctor's office last December and the ear piercing was off. A week or so later, she forgot about the pain and it was back on again. We weren't sure if she would want to go through with it.

Yesterday, my sister and I decided to go to the mall to do a little shopping for Sarah. We took her daughter and Abby as well as my mom. It was a little "girls only" outing. We went to lunch and then the mall. We happened to park at an entrance that was right near Claire's, and we're not even familiar with that mall. So, Abby walked right in. She didn't want to wait.

Ready for some action!
With the purple dots to mark where they will go.
I had to hold her on my lap (company policy) and hold her head and arms still so she wouldn't flinch. Thankfully, there were two girls there at the store and they did both ears at the same time. Abby tensed up a little, but there were NO tears. And she said it didn't even hurt! The girl said she was the first customer under 10 years old that had not cried for her. My brave little princess.
She's checking out her new studs. She chose little pink flowers. They're super cute.
Since then, she has only said a couple of "ouch"s when I clean them and turn them around. I think she has accepted the fact that "beauty is pain!"


Rachel said...

wow! What a big girl. We need a close up of those ears. I posted this morning too.

Mama Lily said...

She was such a trooper! She barely even moved through it. :) Purdy ears.

TanyaBee said...

That is SOOOO cute! I love the last pic with her admiring her ears in the hand mirror; priceless!! :)