Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On Sunday's shopping trip, I got a few matching outfits for Sarah and Abby. Abby likes to dress as "twins" and she helped me pick out a few for Sarah.

I got these shirts at Children's Place. They say, "I'm the 'Lil Sister" and "I'm the Big Sister." Hantie bought them some pants to go with them.
I found these Valentine outfits at Gymboree and paid full price. Ouch! But, I couldn't resist since we're getting a "New Hart on Valentine's Day" this year!!

I bought Abby this dress (on the left) for Christmas with the tights that match. I found a coordinating dress for Sarah and the tights. Super cute!

The other day, I went through Abby's old clothes to see what I could use for Sarah. I have no idea how big she is. The last info I have is from June and I guess she has grown since then, but I don't know how much. So I plan to take a few things that are 12-18 month size and a few that are 18-24 month. And, the weather is cold in the morning but warm in the afternoons there, so... I have a ton of clothes set aside to pack for the trip. I will probably weed through them some more, but I remember taking a whole big suitcase for Abby and I suspect it will be the same for Sarah. I've been putting things in her crib that I might take. Here's what it looks like so far.

And the GOOD NEWS is that Abby's passport came in the mail today! Yippee!! And it is now on its way to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago to get a visa. One more hurdle crossed!
Airline tickets have been purchased. We leave on Thursday morning, February 12 and return on Wednesday, February 25. Little by little, we're getting ready!


palmtreefanatic said...

Praise God you got it! woohooo!

The outfits are so darn adorable!

Mama Lily said...

Abby's clothes look so huge next to Sarah's like that. wow, she has grown so much. Time is sneaking up quickly!!

The Downing 5 said...

Those outfits are so cute!!!! They will be the best dressed sisters!!!

Aunt Kathy said...

How exciting! Wish I could have been along on the shopping trip. Let us know her size when you get there! So, is Abby getting used to shopping for Sarah?
Love you