Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Granny is Ninety!

Right after Christmas, we traveled to Kentucky to visit family and to help celebrate my Granny's birthday. Her actual birthday was December 5, but with all the kids in school, it was not possible to go then.

We left early on Sunday, and after a seven-plus-hour drive, we arrived to be greeted by a host of aunts and uncles, and first cousins and second cousins and a few extras thrown in. There were more than forty people there. We had brought a birthday cake for Granny made by, of course, Grandmother (aka Aunt Linda). Granny loved it.

We gathered all the granddaughters together for a picture with Granny.

And then it was the great-granddaughters turn.

It was so good to catch up with our cousins that we had not seen in several years. We spent many a summer together on the farm growing up.
During the next few days, we enjoyed some unseasonably (for us) warm weather and the kids got to play outside.

And some others got to take a nap.
We even went faux ice skating.
This is my friend Sandy's littlest one, Evan. Aren't they cute?
All in all, it was a nice trip. Relaxing, catching up with family and friends, a little shopping and good food (LOVED that jambalaya, Uncle Chris).


Mama Lily said...

Great post. Thanks for taking such great pictures. It was wonderful being there.

palmtreefanatic said...

great pics and great post!