Sunday, January 04, 2009

Another Birthday Girl

Me! My birthday is December 31 and it is always a struggle to schedule another party in the midst of all the other holiday celebrations. We had already planned a trip to Kentucky during my birthday, so I knew a party probably wouldn't happen. I casually suggested that we have a little get-together on the Saturday after Christmas, since I knew that my brother and his family would still be in town. And my sister and her family were getting ready to move to North Carolina that Sunday.

So they planned my party for Saturday and asked what I wanted. I suggested soup (and money). I've really been craving soup lately and it just sounded good. So, my brother and sister (and everyone else in the house) made some soup from the leftovers of Christmas dinner. It was awesome soup!

I even got cards (with money and gift cards to Sheri's) and presents.
How surprising!
My sister finished a blanket that she had been working on for a year.
We even had a Gluten-Free carrot cake with cream cheese icing. It was so delicious!
It was a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday. Thanks, guys, for the party!

And what would a post of mine be without a picture of the beautiful Abby?


palmtreefanatic said...

glad to hear you had a nice birthday!
Sheris coffee gift cards are the BEST!:)

TanyaBee said...

I feel like such an IDIOT for missing your birthday!!! I thought of it (blushing) the day AFTER, sigh.....I just feel like I cannot get it together right now, ARGH!
LOVE you anyway, and I hope you will forgive me! Happy Belated Bday!