Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with the Family

Here are some random pictures of our family gatherings on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

For Christmas Eve lunch, we gathered at my mom's for ham and potatoes and gifts for the grandchildren. Here are the host and hostess with their youngest grandbaby.

"Take my picture, Aunt Linda!"
Aunt Linda sure is popular. Or maybe it's just a big chair that looks inviting.
Sister and her husband and youngest.
Me and my Daddy
My brother and sister... they look like twins, don't you think?
Rachel, Melisssa and Aunt Linda
Here we are on Chrismtas Eve night. Abby was supposed to be sleeping in her cousin's room while we opened gifts with the grown-ups, but she was having none of it.
And no, I am not sharing what I got in that gift exchange because some things are ancient family secrets that can't be shared on the internet!!

On Christmas Day, we gathered again at my sister's for the big dinner. Here are the children patiently waiting for their kosher ham (also known as lamb).
Here is the "big peoples table."
My brother and his lovely wife.
She looks a little less than thrilled to be here. Too much excitement over the past few days, perhaps?


palmtreefanatic said...

what a lovely time! great pics!

TanyaBee said...

It looks SOOOO funny to me to see your brother with so much HAIR, hahaha!! :) (I've only ever known him in the military, LOL).