Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last Day

After breakfast, I started packing. I should have taken a “before” picture of all our stuff around the room.  It was a mess.  Sarah saw it on Skype and said, “Mama, you need to clean your room!”  This is after one suitcase was already packed and another one partially done.packing

Tommy had elevensies.elevensies

Then tried to amuse himself.those are fleece lined pants - not extra rolls of fat5

There, all done but what we have on and the bathroom stuff.Billy broke down and bought a stroller for the trip home

After another walk around the island, picking up to-go at Lucy’s and a good nap, we had dinner with the group at the hotel restaurant.  Zhou ordered for with head and tail!  yummy

Then it was bath time. bath

Now Tommy is sleeping and we’ll be getting up in a few hours to load the van for Hong Kong.  I know everyone has been praying for us because this trip has gone very smooth for us.  Only one more hurdle to go – the airport and 15 hour plane ride.  Then we get to hug our girlies!!!

Signing off from China.


Anonymous said...

Linda, I have so enjoyed keeping up on your trip through your blog. What an amazing blessing to be coming home with this beautiful boy. I will be praying for your trip home- Tracy Booth

Sarah said...

I love the one of him standing on his head! How sweet! I just love him more each time I see his sweet pictures. Wish I could see him meet his sisters; that will be priceless. Safe travels!

Rachel said...

So CUTE!!! Why does it look like there's a fish on your plate? Eek!