Sunday, January 08, 2012

Hong Kong Day 2/Shamian Island

Our hotel in HK was right beside the Zoological and Botanical Garden.  We spent some time there on Sunday morning before we had to check out and go to the train station.

1 hong kong hotel

This is our hotel for two nights in HK.  Very small rooms but it was clean and very accommodating (they let us borrow an electric cord adapter).


2 flamingos

3 flamingos

4 bowing

I'm bowing before "His Most Gracious Majesty" King George

5 red bird

6 fountain

7 monkey

This is such a pretty zoo.  The weather was a little nicer this day with the sun coming out a little.

9 pretty bird

This bird was showing off for me - he wasn't even a permanent resident.  He showed me several poses and so I picked the best one to show you.

Then we walked back to the hotel and checked out and took a taxi to the train station.  The train ride was smooth and uneventful with not a lot to look at other than lots of hi-rise apartment buildings one after another.  There really are a lot of people in China.

The hotel people picked us up at the train station and took us to familiar territory - Shamian Island and the Victory Hotel.  Our room is quite spacious with a sitting room, a bedroom, and TWO bathrooms! 

There is also a baby crib and a baby stroller which is why we're here!  We are so excited to meet Tommy in a few hours!  The next post will definitely include pictures of our new son.

10 hotel

The bedroom

11 hotel

Looking toward the sitting room


Anonymous said...

So exciting!!! Is the bed really on the floor? Looking forward to pictures of you and Tommy!!! May he bond well with you all!!


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! 2 bathrooms??? So excited to see your new little guy:)

Rachel said...

Yea! Baby time! Also I'm sure Aunt Kathy will love the picture of the flamingos. Seems like you're having a peaceful trip so far. Praying that it continues.

Anonymous said...

I loved the flamingos! Looks like they get lots of shrimp to eat. Can't wait to meet the reason for the trip. Prayers for a continous good trip.Love you lots.
Aunt Kathy