Saturday, December 15, 2007

Party Time

Ok, so it's been a little while since I've posted anything so I thought I'd catch up on some events...

We had Abby's birthday party on December 2. Abby loved the party, of course, but was very serious about opening her presents. We had to ask her to smile for the pictures. So what we got was CHEESE!

Some of her party guests!

Nana got her a Snow White dress - her favorite gift. She wore it everyday for a week and has worn it every other day (at least) since.

A Cinderella doll. Abby asked me, "Is it real?" How am I supposed to answer that?

Her birthday party table. She had set the table with plates, cups, etc. the day before. More and more like her mama everyday. :)

Cleaning up after the party with her new vacuum. (No, it doesn't actually pick up anything - but she loves working with Mommy!)

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