Thursday, August 31, 2006

This one's about Abby

Books have *always* been one of Abby's favorite things. We have read to her at least once everyday since she came home from China.
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At first, she just liked to listen to the story. Then she started pointing to some of the pictures and making comments and asking questions. She loves to turn the pages and hold the book just like mommy or daddy.

Then she started "reading" the books to herself or to us. Mostly it was jibberish, "Shebeeceebeescheebee," (or something to that effect) with a few intelligble words thrown in.

Now, she looks at the pictures and makes up her own story. I hear a lot of our own conversations in these stories. She is very dramatic (I don't know where she gets it) and uses different voices. Sometimes it's cute but sometimes I hear my own words in harsh sounding tones. And it reminds me to say, "Lord, let my words be sweet."

I'm so glad that her love of books has started early and I pray that it will continue to blossom as she learns how to read the words herself.

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Mama Lily said...

Good reminder! Poor Little Buddy gets read to the least. Hopefully I'll get better at it. Cute pictures of Abby......saw a few of mine in there too. :)