Monday, April 09, 2007

The Long Awaited Day

If you'll remember, Abby was asking about coloring Easter eggs the day we took down our Christmas decorations. Thankfully, she didn't ask about it too often since then. But her day finally came on Saturday.

We were supposed to have a church egg hunt in our back yard. But, since it was snowing and the wind chill temps were in the teens, we decided to post-pone that event until the sun decides to shine again here in Ohio. Here's what it looked like from our back door on Saturday. BRRRRR!!!! We were warm inside, though!

The egg coloring package only came with 3 colors. Three! Blue, green and pink. Last year's came with 9 or so. But it turned out ok and Abby had fun dipping the eggs.

I drew her name with the crayon that comes with the package. Back in "my day" we had to hunt down a white crayon among all our left over art supplies to draw on the egg. Now they include one in every kit. Nifty, eh? I also drew a little zig-zag on this green and blue one. And the stripey one was Billy's attempt at using rubber bands to block out the dye. It kinda works. I think we needed smaller rubber bands.

We all had fun and we can't wait to do it again next year. For now, we're having boiled eggs for breakfast, and egg salad for lunch! :)


palmtreefanatic said...

hehehehe...I have made my share of deviled eggs already!
these are great shots! I think my kids are loosing interest in this fun tradition....Well Jelena hasn't and I still think it is fun! Sounds like you 2 enjoyed it as well as Abby...she looked ADORABLE sunday BTW!

Exquisite said...

Sounds like fun! I ended up not coloring eggs this year (hey just because I'm 16 doesn't mean I can't have fun...) but I'm sure my mom will boil some and we can have deviled eggs too! Love them!

Mama Lily said...

great pictures! I didn't take any of our eggravaganza! :D See I do remember how to comment. :P