Monday, May 21, 2007

The Big Day - Part II

Finally it was time to put on the sparkly dress! Doesn't she look beautiful?

Here she is with the Bride, Tabitha.

Here she is with the SEVEN, count them, seven bridesmaids!

Her cousin Andrew was one of the ring bearers. Abby has told me on many occaisions that she is going to marry Andrew when she grows up. She announced it again when she saw how handsome he looked in his little tux.

I did not get any pictures of her during the wedding. I was at the back of the church with her before she went down the isle. She was a litte nervous and was not sure what to do with the flower petals. I think she dropped about 7 or so the whole way. And toward the end, she walked. Really. Slowly. Her Aunt Rachel and the photographer kept urging her onward. It was too funny. But she stood at the front with everyone, and only yawned once. :)

At this point, she was tired. After getting up early, no nap and all the excitement, she was starting to get a little grumpy. The professional pictures of the whole wedding party will show she had a few tears running down her cheeks. Poor baby! She was such a trooper.

Here she is with her Daddy.

She fell asleep at the Reception. She slept through the cutting of the cake, the dinner and the toasts by the Best Man and Matron of Honor.

We woke her up in time to see the Bride and Groom dancing. And she said, "I want cake!" Good thing there was still a piece on the table. Later, the whole Bridal Party did a dance, and she got to dance with Andrew. You can see a video of it over on hubby's blog.

It was a great day that I'm sure Abby will remember for a long time. Especially since we took so many pictures! Hope you enjoyed seeing them.


palmtreefanatic said...

loved them!
What a princess! I was so bummed I missed the actual wedding so thanks for showing the photos!

Alicia said...

how cute! I love the pictures!

Steffie B. said...

What a beautiful flower girl.

Exquisite said...

Tell Abby that I will give up Andrew on one condition... he still gets to sit on my lap!!!