Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Story Of The Traveling Sandbox

Last year, my dad built a frame for my sister's boys to have a sand box. The sandbox was new and shiny (as much as boards shine). It was happy to have trucks and shovels inside its four walls. Being the energetic boys that they are, the sand had a hard time staying in the box and dirt found it's way in. The water hose also got involved and tried to drown the sand. After one summer, Aunt Rachel grew tired of the mess. The sandbox was dismantled and put away for the winter. It was very sad.

At the beginning of this summer, the frame found a new home in my other sister's yard. It was screwed back together and had a renewed hope that it would once again fulfill it's destiny as a fun plaything. New sand was added and the new boys and girl had lots of fun. Abby enjoyed it as well. EVERY time we went down to Auntie's, Abby asked to play in the sandbox. Even while wearing her tutu. The sandbox was happy!

A few weeks ago, Auntie mentioned that the only time the sandbox was used was when Abby came to play. Then Auntie decided she would rather have a stone patio beside her deck than a sandbox. Was the sandbox once again doomed to be left in a garage with no one to play and no sand to sink little toes into?

You should have seen the little sandbox brighten when it was once again hauled to a new location, only this time, it didn't have to be taken apart. New sand was added! And new toys and seashells found their home within the little frame. Gone are the trucks and cars, but the little feet and hands that play are very joyful. The sandbox is happy. And so are the little toes who love to sink into the sand everyday.

Ready for some action...

Yeah! Seashells from Uncle Michael's Beach!

The Sandbox has a new friend.


palmtreefanatic said...

2 new friends;) The tradition lives on! too cute!

cinnamon said...

what a cute picture I,m glad that the new sand box found a new home

Mama Lily said...

cute story. They loved it for a few weeks, then it wore off. Hopefully Abby will keep the sandbox happy. :) They want to play in it now........that it's gone. sigh

Rachel said...

I think it might have gone better on the patio like you have it. and with clean new sand. However, I'm glad that she's enjoying it. The boys keep wanting to come over and play with her in it.