Monday, September 15, 2008


(Warning: this post is long. I think there are 30 pictures. I hope no one has dial-up.)

Edited to Add for those who don't read my sister's blog: My nephew, Daniel, was killed in a bicylce accident on the night of September 3. He was riding near his college in Buchannon, WV and was hit by a drunk driver. You can read more about it here and here.

One of my greatest privileges in life has been being Daniel's Aunt. But Billy and I also had the opportunity to be his Youth Pastors. We have had some great times together as a group: playing, singing, praying, talking, traveling, etc. Daniel was such an inspiration in worship and in life. He lived his life without compromise and pointed others to Christ. As it has been said so many times this past weekend, he loved everyone! He had a ready smile and a song for every occasion. He certainly had a way of livening up the discussions on Thursday nights (our Youth night), whether we were talking Creation, money, destiny, or Billy's fascination with the Book of Romans. When we played games, he played with abandon (remember the chair races?). And worship was sweet with Daniel's tenor voice leading the way. Intercession, on the other hand, got mighty intense as Daniel's "Breaker Anointing" led us all into warfare, specifically for the cause of the unborn.

We will miss our sweet Daniel, but we will never forget his example. He lit a torch in our lives that I pray will never go out.

Here are some pictures from all the fun of Remain Youth (in no particular order)!

Super-K's graduation party

Couch Night

Another wacky scavenger hunt!
Christmas Skit: "COTK Golden Image"

TheCall in Nashville

Getting ready to go to DC
Israeli Embassy
Standing on "The Wall" outside the Supreme Court

outside the Lincoln Memorial
Missions Trip in Nicaragua
Performing for the kids: "Storyteller"
History Maker
Ski Trip in Ohio

Acquire the Fire in Cleveland
Bowling on Homecoming Night
Canoe Trip
Car Wash (we have to raise money for all these trips!)
Christmas Party
I think this was some sort of dancing game. Maybe.
Nice Hair! :)
Bible Trivia Twister!

Going Away Party for K

We never had an official "going away" party for Daniel. I guess it never really sunk in that he was leaving and going to college. But we will certainly miss him.
Until we meet again...


Mama Lily said...

thanks for the lovely pictures. now I'm crying again.

cinnamon said...

Those pictures are amazing. I'm really going to miss him.

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! Those pictures are treasures! I enjoyed them so much!

Brandon said...

Amazing pics, Linda.

TanyaBee said...

How wonderful that you have so many precious, intimate memories. I am sooooo glad your whole family is so close (solid relationships). What a blessing, even in the midst of this tragedy, to have no regrets! Enjoyed the pictures, praying for all of you daily!

Alicia said...

Amazing pictures.. thanks for posting.

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Thank you for sharing such a family tragedy. My prayers are with your family. Daniel looked to be a fine young man. My dd were at Aquire the Fire in Cleveland and have been active in The Call. Perhaps they even met Danie. :) I am sure he is missed.

ladybug wendy

Liza Jane said...

Dear Billy & Linda,

I just wanted to say, what a wonderful page. I didn't know Daniel, but through everyone's tribute to him, I have gotten a glimpse of a magnificent man of God he was. Thanks for sharing.