Monday, November 28, 2011

Birthday Party

Today is Abby’s eighth birthday.  She is growing up too fast! 

Abby was out of school for the Thanksgiving break, so we had her girl friends over for a party last Wednesday morning.  She had requested that everyone wear a costume.  Abby wanted to be an Egyptian princess.  I looked online for some ideas and then raided my sister’s fabric closet.  We came up with some ideas and Karen sewed them together.  I love having a creative seamstress for a sister who can execute my costume ideas!

She even does makeup!make-up

Look at those eyelashes!  They are not fake.  How I wish my eyelashes were that long!eyelashes

All but the crown.  Billy mentioned that he’ll be perfecting  his  aim with the rifle when he saw her all made up like this.egyptian princess

All the girls… Sarah declined to put a costume on for the party, even though there was much pleading from Abby. all the girls

We played a few games and they also ran around and enjoyed playing with Abby’s

Abby helped Nana make this big cookie for her birthday “cake.”  Abby doesn’t really like cake but she loves her Nana’s cookies so we came up with the idea to make a big one to share with everyone.big cookie

Cookies and ice cream!table

Presents! presents

Abby enjoyed her birthday party and I was glad we have not reached the stage for a sleep-over!  Smile


Karen said...

Ahh. Such fun! I'm glad all the hard work paid off. :D

Sarah said...

What a great costume! She is gorgeous. I can't believe how big she is getting!

palmtreefanatic said...

great job Karen on the costume;) and make up:) what a fun party! So creative!