Friday, December 30, 2011

Family Time

We had dinner at my mom’s house on what my brother likes to call “Christmas Adam – it comes before Eve.”

We played a game called How-many-marshmallows-can-you-get-through-the-Christmas-wreath-in-a-minute.  Not as much fun as the marshmallow wars of Christmas Eve 2003, but entertaining none-the-less.

Here are some hi-lights of the evening.  I am quite sure you don’t want to see all 314 shots we took that evening.  Can you say, “playing with the new camera?”me and dadabby me and hannah karen and girls

sarahJoey abbyMicahLydia did pretty good!sorry Timmy, there was a weird camera angle for this oneHannah and Marriana trying to intimidate Jordanmarrianathis is how Hannah won billylindajudah is saying... are we done yet???we know how much they were enjoying the game!look!  a marshmallow in mid air! nanapapa shows some concentration!

the Beanthe Ham

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