Saturday, September 01, 2012

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum

Last month we went to Mansfield to have some fun with our adoption friends.  This was a really great place for the kids to play and explore.  We’ll be heading back there again!

They had many areas of discovery.  This was set up to dig for fossils.  The little guys just wanted to play in the mulch.1


Playing in the bank.4

Beauty Shop – that mannequin head has seen better days.5

And then they discovered the water table!!!67

Abby curling some hair.  I think she’s seen Mama do it a time or two.8

The science station – mixing “chemicals.”9

And Tommy is still at the water table.  That rain coat did absolutely no good at all.  The sleeves were conduits to run the water down to his clothes.  He was soaked!!!10

Always fun to dress up!11

Then we walked down the street to enjoy a few rides on the carrousel.  Such a fun day!12

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