Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some “Fall-ish” type pictures

We had a few warm and sunny days last week… before the flood we’ve nicknamed “Sandy.”  So I took the opportunity to shoot a few leafy pictures.

attempting to rake some leaves"I'm staying the the wagon where it's safe"ready for some action!my three dark-eyed beauties!"this is what I'm talking about!""mom, I don't like touching these leaves"hangin outso pretty!I'm flying!climbing the ladder - his new favorite thing to doMy favorite!!!gotta get Mama in the photo!

And then things got a little silly!you can click on this to make it bigger

So thankful we had those few sunny days, cause now we’re stuck inside watching the rain come down and the floods come up – and listening to the wind!


#2 said...

How I do love your three "dark-eyed beauties"
Great pictures too!

Marriana said...

I LOVE seeing pictures!!! Sarah in the tree and Tommy in the air - priceless.

Liza Jane said...

Wow!, Gorgeous pictures.