Sunday, November 11, 2007

Children's Museum

Abby really enjoyed her time at the Children's Museum. Here are some more pictures and a litle video.

The water exhibit was one of her favorites if we're judging on how much time she spent there. We literally had to beg her to try some of the other things.

And her dad was concerned that her clothes were getting so wet, even with the apron.

This was a chair that you sit on and use the ropes to pull yourself up. Too fun!

With the concentration level shown on this activity, I think we'll have some fun on our hands as she gets older.

"How do I look?"

She wanted to "paint" her nails.

The finished look. I personally love the red eyebrows.

They also had a gluing station. Buckets of glue and lots of stuff to put in it. What could be more fun?

This is a little video of her playing with the pin board (I think that's what it's called). I love her little giggles.

The pouding you hear in the background was a leather craft demonstration.


Brandi said...

She looks like she was having a blast!!!

Love the video! That was always one of my girls' favorite things to do!

cinnamon said...

Looks like she had a wonderful time. I Love those pin boards they have one at cosi in toledo. I did the same thing she did when I went there. Glad you guys are back.

palmtreefanatic said...

What a fabulous place to go to,
I love it! You got some great shots!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love your little Abby's laugh! It looks like you are having so much fun!

ladybug Wendy

Twirl Girl said...