Monday, January 07, 2008

Girl Time

This past weekend, my sister had some out-of-town guests in for a visit. This family has seven children and the youngest two are girls and one is Abby's age. I suggested that maybe the girls could come over to play with Abby for a little while.

The first half an hour or more was spent trying on various "dress-up" outfits and accessories. I think they each tried on three or more outfits. Then it was time for a tea party and playing with the dollhouse.

Abby was excited to have new girl friends. At one point, she ran into the room where her Daddy was working on the computer and said, "Daddy, I have some new friends!" She loves her (boy) cousins, but I'm sure it was nice to have someone understand her need for "Fancy!"

Yes, I realize Abby's not smiling in the picture, but being the Hostess takes concentration and hard work. And that spot on the black outfit is my camera's fault, not a laundry problem.


cinnamon said...

They look so cute. I'm glad she made new friends. I remember playing dress up when I was her age.

Mama Lily said...

I'm glad they had fun. Looks tame enough. Maybe you should have had a video of the dress-up carnage afterwards. :D

palmtreefanatic said...

Looks like lots of going on here! Glad Abbey got to enjoy some girl friends;)