Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Shoes

Billy has always encouraged my running. He frequently tells me he's proud of me for doing the 5k races. Last time, he said I was inspiring him to start running. Only problem was, though, that he didn't have appropriate shoes.

So last Friday night, we went to the sporting goods store and he tried on a bunch of running shoes. The salesguy was most helpful. He kept suggesting better and better shoes. Finally, he pulled out the Saucony and had Billy try them on. "You won't believe the price." Billy was thinking they would be over $100. But, after trying them on, and feeling the cushyness (a real word!) of them, the guy said, "they're $40!" Woo hoo!

I said, do you have them in women's? Sure enough, they did. And with pink accents. How cute is that? And they were (are) SO cushy! I told Billy I could cut 5 minutes off my 5K time (slight exaggeration). And because of the price, I was able to talk Billy into buying them for me. Even though I just bought new running shoes in May.

Plus, I didn't have any socks on, so the super-duper-helpful salesguys let me try on a pair of "power sox" with the shoes. Wow. They felt awesome. And I have been having issues with my socks lately. And for $10 for 3 pair, we (I) thought it was a great deal. The check-out lady even let us use our $10-off coupon!

So now we have "matching" running shoes. I've already put 4.5 running miles on them and Billy has been breaking in his a little more slowly. :)

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Cool Shoes!!!