Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Apple Orchard

We visited a local apple orchard recently with a couple other moms from the MOPS group I attend.

Apple picking, fall trees, pumpkins... all would make for wonderful pictures. Don't you think?

However, I forgot my camera. And my daughter was not exactly dressed in fall colors. Oh, well.

My sister graciously offered to take some for us.

It was a BRIGHT, SUNNY day! Can you tell? Lugging the wagon -- four children and two huge bags of apples!
A clash of the colors.
We finally found something that she matched!
We're still working on finishing those apples we picked. Yummy!


The Downing 5 said...

WOW!!! Lots of updates! We are hoping to get to the orchard this weekend (I'll make sure I dress the girls in fall colors to compliment the pumpkins -he he)

The Downing 5 said...

Hey - cool background - I was typing my comment and it changed!

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! Very perty blog! I love it!
Also you got some fun great pics!
such a pretty time of year!