Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Walk In The Woods

(The one in which I wish for a new camera...)

One sunny, Sunday afternoon, my sister asked me if I wanted to take a walk in the woods with her. "Sure!" We loaded up a few kids and a dog and headed out.

Here they are as we first got started. See how happy and smiley they are. Yeah, we're going to have fun!
Doodle Bug and her faithful friend, Callie.
Mama Lily with Abby hiding behind.
Random fact about me: I'm not so sure I look that great in a hat. However, it shades my eyes cause they're sensitive and I don't have any sunglasses.
Abby and her cousin, Little Buddy (not his real name) were taking a long time to catch up to us. Then we figured out why. They were collecting rocks. Their pockets were stuffed!
Ok, here are my camera woes: it is a point-and-shoot, which I love most of the time cause I don't know much about cameras. Because this place in the woods was more shaded, my camera decided to use the flash, which made the picture very dark. Then when I tried to not use the flash, the subjects (aka Doodle and LB) were in motion and were blurry. What's a girl to do?
Again with the flash. Clear subjects (Belle and LB), dark picture.
With the flash again. Cute little subject!! :)
Ok, all you plant lovers out there: What is this??? It looked like bamboo. But in Northern Ohio? Daniel would have been able to tell us. Sigh. (no flash on this one.)
So, I'm hoping to get a new camera with a few more options sometime in the near future. I know the learning curve will be a little steep; I've only ever had point-n-shoot. But Billy has won awards for his photography (back in the days of film) so maybe he can teach me. He did tell me that SLR had something to do with being able to change the lens of a camera. I think. See - steep curve!


The Downing 5 said...

I feel your pain - I don't want extra gadgets and buttons - makes it way to complicated for me!

palmtreefanatic said...

I agree, cameras can be very complicated! Thats why I bought adam one like mine on Ebay and since he knows it better then me he keeps me in tact;)

I like your photos, and I think "The woods" make nice pics....That stuff does look like bamboo...hmmm