Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Projects

Here's the rundown on the projects we've tackled in our house this spring.

The bathroom: put in a new tub and shower walls, new sub-floor, a few new walls and painted the whole thing.

Here are the walls all ready to be painted. Billy did an excellent job!!

My faithful painting helper - priming the walls.
We also had to paint the ceiling; it was hazardous to my hair.
Then when it was all painted, I decided I didn't like the color. It was too light. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it. Even Abby said, "I told you it was too light." My sister had a gallon of blue that she was going to use in her kids' room (the top smear) so we mixed the two together and came up with the bottom color.
Here is how it turned out. The lighting in the bathroom and the flash of the camera makes it look weird, but I really like the color (finally) and am ready to stop painting! I got the shower curtain at Target and the towels are green and the rugs are purple. Pretty colorful!
We still need to have the tile installed, but I'm happy my part is done!

The Girls New Room (formerly the office)

This is what it used to look like: plain walls with flag border, bare floor (we got rid of the hideous, yellow, stained carpet a year or so ago), desks, book shelves and lots of important papers junk.

I scraped the wall border using a steamer (it did not want to come off) and then painted the walls. Abby wanted blue and I chose the shade.We both love it. I even painted all the trim and a built-in shelf in the corner. I love how the blue makes the white trim stand out.

This is after the carpet pad went in.
The girls are watching the carpet guys work.
Here it is with the furniture moved in and some things on the wall. Those two paintings I bought in China. They go perfect! Now I just need some window treatments - very definitely NOT my specialty. Any ideas anyone?
Here is another view. This big wall needs something.
The closet after a re-design in shelving. Sarah has more than enough clothes to last her through the summer and beyond. We had saved all Abby's things and then she got more at the shower. I think she could wear something different everyday and not run out. And all of their shoes aren't even put away in this picture.
The New Office (formerly the guest room, originally the nursery for Abby)

Here it is when we had it for our nursery (2006). Before we adopted Abby, we totally remodeled this room to be the nursery; ripped everything out down to the studs - ceiling to floor. So we really loved it as a nursery. Then when Abby moved out of the crib to a big bed, we gave her a new room, too. I was thinking we needed to keep the nursery intact a little longer. We put the crib in the attic and put up the guest bed, but did not redecorate anything. To make it into the new office, I stripped the Boyd's Bears wall border (that came off like a dream!) and painted the top half with some of my sister's left-over dining room paint. We kept the red cause I like it! And the curtains stayed cause they match!!! :)
I found some cute border online and my sister helped me put that up.
Hang up the presidents and we're good to go. This room is cozy (read small), but I love it!
Are you bored yet? One more room to go.

Remember Abby's "Fancy Nancy" room?

We had added the crib to this room so the girls could be together. It was a tight fit, but Abby wanted her sister in her room. The baby dresser/changing table was still in the guest room.
I had some purple paint left over from when I did it before and gave it a nice clean coat. I had to cover up all the footprints on the wall by Abby's bed. My sister gave me a puple bed set she was going to send to Goodwill. Again, I need some sort of window treatment and to hang some random pictures on the wall. I guess I need to hurry, because our first guests for this room will be showing up on Tuesday!

Billy walked into our bedroom the other day and said, "This room needs something." I think I'll hand HIM the wall paper steamer and the paint roller!!


Rachel said...

I love them all! They turned out so well. It's so nice that your girls don't put holes in the wall and ding it all the pieces. I really like the office. :) Cute boarder. I can't wait to come see it this summer.

Mama Lily said...

lots of sweat equity!!

The Downing 5 said...

You guys did an awesome job! It all looks really good!

Aunt Kathy said...

I can't wait to see it!

palmtreefanatic said...

Wow! busy busy!
every room looks Fabulous! kudos to you and mama lily!