Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Has It Really Been A Month?

...since I last posted?

We have been busy, busy, busy around here!

Before the bathroom was complete, I started on the next project which was moving the girls into a bigger room. So that required cleaning out the office, scraping wall paper border, taking down the guest room bed, moving office furniture into a much smaller room (former guest room), painting half of that room, painting the former office - now the girls room, getting carpet installed, moving the girls furniture, installing shelving in their closet, freshening up the guest room paint (former girls room), setting up the guest room furniture, cleaning all the ceiling fans upstairs, painting the bathroom, putting up the cabinet and trim in the bathroom, re-painting the bathroom (first color was too light), and re-organizing all the closets into their new rooms. All the while still trying to keep clean clothes in the drawers and food on the table. Whew! I'm tired!!!

Pictures will follow, I promise. Once I organize them a little with "before" and "after".

Here are a few of the girls over the past month or so.

They LOVE to play in baskets!

Cute sunglasses from a friend.
Pink butterfly... both these cute sunglasses were broken within hours by my intense little girl.
A warm spring day in April.
Not even all the leaves were out yet.
These cute little chairs were made by my Grandfather and I played with them when I was little. We also have the table to go with them. Somehow, Sarah can fit her little diapered hiney in them. (I'm going to try to use the word "little" one more time in this little paragraph.)
Cousin "Belle" came over for a visit. We don't get to see her nearly enough. She's so busy with her senior year in high school, but we love it when she pops in to say "hi!"

These pictures should satisfy my twelve faithful readers for a few more days until I can get another post together.


Alicia said...

Your girls are so cute! I love reading your blog and seeing your girls grow up... They are so beautiful.

TanyaBee said...

YAY a new post (like I should talk, HA). LOVE to see pics of those girlies, always!---Can't wait to see THEM in PERSON next month, WOO HOO! :) Better go, my child has rolled himself under the coffee table, snort!

Rachel said...

Amazing. A post. I WANT PICTURES!!!!! pretty please? :) See you next weekend.

The Downing 5 said...

Thanks for the've been busy! Can't wait to see pictures of your completed projects.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the cute little chairs were not made by your grandfather. They belonged to your grandmother, and your auntie and I played with them when we were little girls. So, they are close to 100 years old!! Keep passing them on!