Monday, April 20, 2009

A Photo Dump of Easter Festivities

I would spread the following photos over several days, but Easter was over a week ago and I'm thinking you're probably over it by now. So, these are the benefit of family and close friends who really like my daughters.

One of the ladies in our church made this dress for Sarah and gave it to us at the shower. She also made a pinafore to go with it, but I didn't want to cover the pretty lace and ribbons. Next time, she'll wear the pinafore. The bloomers underneath are so cute!!
Sarah is talking to Miss Eva and thanking her for the dress!
Here are Abby and Sarah in what I like to call "Easter Dresses Take Two." They wore these this past weekend. Abby's dress was worn by her cousin "Doodle Bug" when she was five or six. Do you recognize the shoes from Christmas?
Back up a week to Easter morning, the girls found their baskets cleverly hidden on the kitchen island. Abby was excited about her $5 movie from Target.
She already is playing with her little toy. I guess it helped that she played with it in the store before I bought it for her.Finding CHOCOLATE!
Coloring with new markers.
Sarah got some new washable markers, too. What fun!
A little chickie that cheeps when you hold it in your hand.
She ate the whole bunny for breakfast! Yum!
Fast forward again to last Friday. That's when we had our egg hunt. We have to wait til we know it's going to be a nice day and that's not always Easter weekend. We did it at a local park with my sister's children and another family I invited.

"Little Buddy" is on a roll.
Maya and Doodle Bug.

We'll be eating this candy for a while.
Abby and her friend Maya playing after finding the eggs.

I think that's it for all the pictures of eggs and baskets and dresses. Whew!


Alicia said...

I can't believe the Norwalk Resevoir still has that turtle.. I have pictures with my old sister hanging out there..

it's cool that your kids had a nice easter.. They are adorable..

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