Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs is a tradition in our house. One year, Abby started asking about "when" on Christmas day. Thankfully, this year she started asking only a few weeks ago. I kept telling her "on the Saturday before." But she wore me down and we ended up doing it on Good Friday. But I did make her wait for Sarah to get up from her nap. (Hence the bed-head look that Sarah is sporting.)

This was Sarah's first experience with the process and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She just likes doing anything that her sister gets to do. At one point, Abby accidentally dropped an egg and so Sarah threw hers on the floor as well. Nice!

Here they are hard at work!
Once again, I took too many pictures (is there such a thing?) and so I didn't want you to have to scroll through 20 pictures of the girls so I put it in collage form.

I love all Sarah's expressions!
For Abby, this is serious business and must require lots of concentration!
Here are the results of all their creativity!
I have eaten SO MANY eggs in the past five days between these hard-boiled ones and the Easter brunch and the MOPS breakfast and the deviled eggs I made from the left-overs. I think I might need to have my cholesterol checked.

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palmtreefanatic said...

so cute! looks like lots of fun! I know what you mean about the eggs!