Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last week, my sister drove up from North Carolina with her four children. Brave woman! We had lots of fun playing together for the short time they were here.

Little Peanut had her birthday party while they were here. Here is the Birthday princess enjoying some outdoor play during the party.
Big brother, AJ.
Sarah enjoying some chips and salsa. (I had to soak that shirt for a day to get that stain out!)
Little brother "Grasshopper" getting in some hang time. He LOVED this! And wanted it over and over! Of course, I had to take several pictures to get this one timed just right!
Later in the week, we went over to hang out with them at Nana's house. Trying to take a group picture of this many children is challenging, to say the least! So we stuck them all on the couch and promised them each a cookie if they would cooperate. This first one was a little rough. Grasshopper was not happy.
Oh, no. The little ones are escaping.
Yep, she broke free! Notice Abby's expression. Priceless! I guess that first one was the best after all.
Then they were playing in the back room and called for us to take a picture of this. How cute!
One of Abby's favorite cousins! We sure do miss you, AJ.
We were sad to see them go, but we're looking forward to them being here for a few weeks this summer!

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the sweet post. We miss you guys too. Love the pictures and will soon be stealing them. :)