Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekend with Friends

We were SO blessed to host our long-time friends, Steve and Sarah and their family for a weekend in July. They drove ten plus hours from their home in Missouri to be with us. We had spent time with their family in recent years when we were traveling, but this was the first time to host them here. What a treat.

Abby and their little one Elli are around the same age and had met and became fast friends last summer. Then they wrote to each other several times during the year. Abby was so excited when I told her that Elli was coming for a visit.

The first morning, Elli woke up bright and early and couldn't wait to spend time with her friends. As it was too early for grown-ups, I parked them in front of our favorite singing vegetables.

Later that day, we went to the beach on Lake Erie. Sarah is helping Emily build a sand castle.
Abby was loving the swimming in shallow water.

Sarah and her daughter Sophie
All the girls!
A family picture (thanks Sarah).
On Sunday, we hit the lake again to see a light house.
And enjoy the park. Abby, Drew and Elli.
Here's the light house.
Awwww. Sophie and Sarah.

Steve and Billy, the Orangemen.
A little play time in the sandbox. I think there's room for one more.

A fun weekend came to a close much too soon. We were sad to see them go but are so grateful for the visit. Hope to see them again soon!!

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