Monday, April 30, 2012

Because I don’t want to forget the beauty of Motherhood

Disclaimer: none of these pictures were taken today.

This morning, I thought I got to sleep in a little.  Billy got little dude up and changed his diaper and left him playing in his room while Billy went to start breakfast.  The stairs are right by his room and so far, all he does is throw stuff down them – like balls, socks, shoes and other random items from his room.  He thinks it’s great fun!stairs 1

Then I am awakened later by a “thump, thump, thump… WAAAAAA!”  I bolted out of bed and down the stairs.  He had gotten all the way down the first set and fell down a few at the bottom of the second set.  Billy already had him and was comforting him.  Thankfully there was no blood! (We have had a couple bloody falls since his surgery but they were both when he was crawling and his face was 6 inches from the floor.  There’s no way to catch that!)stairs 2

Guess we’ll be using the gate now.

During breakfast, a certain independent little girl got herself some juice and the bottle slipped and juice went everywhere on the floor.sarah

While I was feeding Tommy his lunch of ramen noodles, he was so tired, he couldn’t hold his eyes open.  I tried to take the hi-chair tray so I could get him out, but he would cry and hold it back.  So I would give him another bite and before it was gone, he would fall asleep again.  Finally, I risked the wrath and just took him out of his chair and up to bed.  He fought sleep pretty well, then.  For an HOUR AND A HALF! while I sat there dozing and waking up to see him standing up and chucking stuff out of his bed.  Finally Billy took his iPod in there to lull him to sleep.  I got out of there at 2pm but didn’t bring out the iPod.stairs

At 3pm, Billy’s alarm is set (on the iPod) to remind us to go pick up Abby.  Yep.  It woke up Sleeping Beauty.  Arg.

While I was setting the table for dinner, I brought in Tommy’s bowl of mush and, I don’t know how, but dropped it on the floor before getting to the table.  It splattered everywhere – up the wall, on the keyboard, in the heating register and of course the floor. It was like cleaning up puke. Yuck!swing

I’m glad God’s mercy is new every morning!!!

BTW:  Tommy is recovering nicely from the surgery.  The stitches above his lip came out last Monday and then the stitch on the top of his nose came out Friday (both were trips to the Dr.).  He is wearing a steri-strip over his lip to get that to heal further but it looks really good.  The nose stent is still stitched in – for now.  There are stitches on his lip and in his mouth that will dissolve eventually. He kinda looks like a cat with the “whiskers” coming out of his nose.  And he’s drooling more than ever.  When will it end?

So if we can keep him from falling anymore…

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Anonymous said...

what a day!... been helps..if you can get the ipod away;) -he looks so adorable!