Thursday, April 19, 2012


We had a pretty low-key weekend.  Spring Break started on Good Friday and Billy took that day off too.  I took the opportunity to go shopping with my sister for some goodies to stash in the Easter Baskets.

Saturday morning is when we give the Easter baskets.  That way, they can consume all the chocolate they want and it’s not right before church.sleepy headsleepy head two

Tommy likes his new ball.  It’s as big as he is!Wow, Mama!  I like it!love that smile!

He’s not as thrilled with the basket of chocolate.  he's pushing it away

Hannah and I then took the kids to a local Egg Hunt which was an “Epic FAIL.”  We got there 1 minute late and the eggs were gone!  At least they got to see the big furry guy.sarah kept saying, "Mama, I have no eggs!"  Sorry baby.

Let the dying begin!  A favorite annual tradition, we always use the regular kit with no fancy glitter or tie-dye.  Abby likes to color with crayons first and then dip.we empty the coffee cup cupboard for this project the ArteestGet 'r done girlabby's edible art work

The annual family photo after church on Sunday.  Something was wrong with my camera and it was really windy – this is the best of the bunch we took.  I tried to get a couple before church, but Tommy was uncooperative . And I didn’t think to take some of just the girls in their pretty dresses.  Oh well, I’m sure they’ll wear them again and I can take a picture

We went home, took naps and then went to Mom’s for dinner.  We also had a redemptive Egg Hunt in Mom’s yard and brought home too much candy.  It will probably last until the Fourth of July parade.

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Rachel said...

EEK! Please put him in that little suit again and get a picture. It's so nice to see a little man in your family pictures.