Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Day!

Wednesday is Abby's favorite day of the week. In fact, we had to teach her the days of the week just so she would understand that it doesn't come every other day.

Why is she so excited about Wednesdays? Because that's the day she gets to go to Rainbows. Rainbows is a class our church sponsors for 3 and 4-year old boys and girls. They learn about God and animals and other pre-school stuff. She loves it!

On Wednesdays, I usually wait til 5 pm or so to tell her that it is Wednesday because as soon as I tell her, she wants to go right then. She will keep asking and asking to go. It doesn't start til 6:30 pm.

Today was no exception. This little video is a glimpse into her excitement. Although I will say that it is a little intimidating to have a camera pointed at you so her response was somewhat subdued.

And, in all her excitement, she poked herself in the eye. After a little drama, she recovered quite nicely. :)


palmtreefanatic said...

awww how sweet was that! loved it!

Mama Lily said...

:) That was just a little drama! The video is super cute!

Gramma Sue said...

I'm soooo glad she gets to go to Rainbows toooo!!!!

Mark and Rebecca said...

Oh my. What a precious girl you have! Thanks for sharing.

(Ladybug Red THreads)

Volley-ball girl said...

How cute!
She is such a cutie!