Monday, February 19, 2007

My Little Routine Girl

Now that we're not talking about me anymore, I thought I would fill you in on a typical day around here.

Abby wakes up around 7 a.m. I've tried to get up before her and those two times I actually did, it really helped my mental state in the morning. However, since my body is on the 8 a.m. wake-up schedule, I usually try to coax Abby to stay in bed with me a little while so I can catch a few more winks. Some mornings it works, and some mornings she paints lip gloss everywhere or something equally mischievous.

So when she finally convinces me to get out of bed, we go downstairs and have breakfast. She chooses between cereal, waffles, and eggs/toast. No pop tarts here!

After breakfast, she always watches a movie. This is my time to shower, check e-mail, read a few blogs, etc. I know, it's bad to let the TV babysit my child. But Mama needs some alone time, too!

If we have somewhere to go in the morning, 10 a.m. is the earliest I can seem to get out the door. And she does like to go! To Nana's house, Auntie's, the Library, anywhere!

For lunch, it's a PJ or Ramen noodles. (Can you tell I'm really getting those 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in her on a daily basis??)

Nap is around 1 p.m. - More alone time for mom!

When she wakes up, it's either, "Can I paint?" or "Can I go outside to play?" She knows what she likes!

We have dinner around 6:30 p.m. cause that's when Billy gets home and then he plays with her until bed time at 8 p.m.

Sounds exciting, eh? Sometimes we try to mix it up, and do something daring, like go to Wal Mart in the afternoon. But mostly we stick to what works. I guess I really thrive on having a schedule. (So you can add that to the list.)

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palmtreefanatic said...

I used to love schedules, well still do but now when your children get beyond the nap stage things change a bit...