Monday, February 26, 2007

A Series Of Tedious Tasks

I have been thinking for a while about making some hair bows for Abby. They are so expensive to buy and I wanted to be able to choose my own colors.

Last Friday, my mom and I went to JoAnn's to do a custom framing order for a couple of pictures Billy and I bought in China for Abby. Yes, we're just now getting around to having them framed. Anyway, I had a coupon for 50% off the entire order, so I jumped on it!

While there, I got some grosgrain ribbon to make some bows. I found the directions to make the korker bows on my "One Hundred Good Wishes Quilt" Yahoo Group. There are also directions here for lots of types of hair bows.

Here are my condensed directions:

1. Wrap the ribbon tightly around a wooden dowel. Wrap as many dowels as you have.
2. Bake the ribbon dowels in the oven
3. Carefully unwrap the ribbon
4. Cut the ribbons to 2.5 inches
5. Put fray check on all the ends
6. Lay 12 inches of string out on the table
7. Stack up a bunch of the cut korker ribbons
8. Tie them together
9. Attach the bow to a hair clasp or head band with hot glue gun

Each step, especially #1, #4, and #5, is quite tedious. But the result is SO cute! The first bow took the longest. After I got the hang of it, it wasn't so hard. I made two matching purple bows for Abby and one pink headband bow for my niece, Aria.

Here are the results of my labors. I LOVE the way they turned out! Sorry I don't have pictures of all the steps. I didn't know this post was going to turn into a tutorial. Here are the girls together yesterday at church. Abby just can't help but sqeeze those little cheeks.
Last night, I made Abby two pink hair clasps similar to Aria's and also a pair of red, white and blue ones. I'm on a roll now!


Mama Lily said...

Adorable! You did a GREAT job on them. It is rather tedious, but the results are fabulous!

Just Me said...

I want some burgundy and sage for me. Wouldn't I look cute as a button. No.... actually Gracie will love to wear some. Maybe I could try to make a few. You are quite crafty!

Just Me said...

About my comment. It sounded like fun for a minute. After much thought (a few seconds), I decided that "tedious" does not fit in by box. I'll buy the ribbon though. Love ya!

palmtreefanatic said...

You are so creative! I think they are adorable! you should make em and sell em!:)

Rachel said...

Hey I bought the ribbon. Mom will help and I'm going to take orders. Yeah!!! I can sell some in the auction next year and help MOPS too. Thanks for the help getting started! I didn't steal your idea did I??

Volley-ball girl said...

The Pics. are SOOO cute!

Alicia said...

The bows are really cutE!

Carey said...

They are so cute! I would love to make these bows hold there shape?